Think deep, act fast!

75% of our household and business decisions, as well as 90% of our decisions in sports, are automatic, emotional and based on stereotypes. These decisions are often rooted in our prejudices, personal feelings, day-to-day experience, and in some situations – on deeply traumatic experiences.

How do we avoid hasty decisions affecting our future? Through a close link between science, technology, sports and business. By developing an intuitive thinking that can expand our decision-making thresholds in an ever-stressful and ever-changing business environment. Our logical thinking finds it hard to switch to high-performance mode in time-constrained situations, such as competitions, conflicts, sales and negotiations.

Arctic Energy Brain Training lab’s program is based on Nobel prize winners’ achievements in psychology and behavioral aspects of economics. You will be working with renowned industry specialists, experts and professors, as well as Olympic champions.

Train your brain – and you will be able to make complex decisions fast and right!