Arcticmorgeo LLC is an association of regional enterprises with more than 40 years of experience in engineering, design, exploration, drilling, construction and repair works at oil and gas extraction sites and pipelines. It is present in in Russia, USA (Houston, TX), Europe (Hungary, Germany), South East Asia (Philippines, Indonesia).

Our enterprises have all the necessary equipment, personnel and expertise operating in the Extreme North and Siberia, the full set of authorization documents and sufficient funding. They are equipped with drilling rigs, lifting equipment, technological vehicles, watercraft, laboratories and other unique modern equipment.

Arcticmorgeo department for offshore and land-based field exploration pays great attention to implementing modern innovative technologies in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, aimed at increasing production and developing hard-to-extract reserves of hydrocarbons. The works are conducted in Russia and abroad in three key directions:

1. Under Balance Drilling (UBD) technology;

2. Directed drilling of horizontal wells at the intersection of highly permeable fissure zones (fissure corridors), also known as “sweet spots” due to high productivity ratio in horizontal drilling;

3. Using innovative technologies to interpret 3D seismic survey data to identify sweet spots in terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs, as well as in granitoid massifs, metamorphic rocks, slates and coal beds.

Using these three innovative components is what allows the company to get exceptional performance in oil and gas extraction, even with low-permeable and unconventional reservoirs. This approach to oil and gas field development is unique to our company, and we try to use this advantage to beat the competition significantly in terms of reservoir management.

Arcticmorgeo performs the entire range of engineering, geological, geophysical, and hydrotechnic works of any complexity at sea floor and ocean shelf, in transit areas and in the open sea, at rivers and inland water bodies.


A Consortium of Enterprises

Implementing major strategic projects takes more than the experience of a single company – it requires combining the efforts of many specialists, building efficient communications and managing resources in a precise manner.

To successfully address these tasks, we combined the experience and production capacity of more than 20 companies that have proven themselves over decades. Our credo is supreme professionalism, reliability, stability, quality and comprehensive approach. Our advantage is flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Our competitive advantages

-A common project management center. A common logistics center. Control over financial flows;

- Substantial cost reduction on mobilization and demobilization of people and machinery;

- Maximum efficiency and quality of works, thanks to narrow specialization of the consortium members;

- Full responsibility for the product in general and each type of works in particular;

- The consortium is always open to new participants, and each participant is independent;

- The opportunity to obtain funding in Western Europe and South East Asia markets;

- The opportunity to take part in foreign projects without adaptation to local regulations and production management practices;

- Accumulation of knowledge, experience and human potential.


Shelf works

Hydrotechnic works

Engineering and geological survey

Marine geological research



Unique and complex nature of the services provided by Arcticmorgeo, and the conditions in which the works have to be performed, determine extremely high requirements to quality, reliability and precision of the equipment used. Our technical machinery has been developed by leading specialists worldwide and meets the highest industry standards.

SMP-03 self-elevating modular platform



Arcticmorgeo has all the licenses and authorization documents needed to perform all services offered. We combine robust material supply and technical equipment with an impressive array of unique scientific and methodological know-how and highly skilled staff.



Arcticmorgeo is ready to perform a project of any complexity in any part of the world. Our scientific background and established links to special equipment vendors enable us to efficiently address any geophysical and engineering task within the shortest timespan possible.