МИА «Россия сегодня» – генеральный медиа-партнер Международной премии Arctic Awards
International News Agency "Rossiya Segodnya" is the General Media Partner of the Arctic Awards

The number of partners and like-minded peoples of the Arctic Awards is growing day by day. The other day they were joined by the INA “Rossiya Segodnya” and the International Agency and Radio Sputnik. INA “Rossiya Segodnya” is the General Media Partner for the Arctic Awards, and Sputnik is the International Media Partner of the project. The cooperation of the main information agency of the Russian Federation and the Arctic World Club – the organizer and one of the initiators of the Arctic Awards – is not accidental. “Rossiya Segodnya” very actively covers the Arctic theme, and in 2010 the agency launched a special project Arctic.ru. Over 8 years of its existence, Arctic.ru has undergone many changes, but the main thing remains unchanged – the materials are mainly aimed at demonstrating the Russia’s view on the Arctic region and its problems, the Russia’s position on political issues related to the region. The resource was very popular among the Arctic Council member states. Among the visitors there were the readers from the USA, Canada, as well as from China, Japan, India, Central Europe. The active international component of the project, the professionalism and knowledge of the issue, which distinguish journalistic and analytical materials, all these criteria allowed the Arctic.ru project to gain recognition from experts, and not just enter the shortlist for the Award, but become the Arctic Awards laureate.