Благотворительный фонд Гоши Куценко — лауреат Международной премии Arctic Awards 2018
Gosha Kutsenko’s Charity Fund is a laureate of Arctic Awards 2018 international prize

STEP TOGETHER charity fund for helping children with cerebral palsy, established by a talented actor, singer, director, script writer and just a very generous man Gosha Kutsenko, has received Arctic Awards 2018 international prize in the nomination “Heart Melting Ice”.

Gosha Kutsenko is not novice to charity activities, supporting children with cerebral palsy and their families. “Children are our future”, he says. “Childhood is all about hijinks, mischief and laughter. But there is a heavy and treacherous disease that stands in the way, called cerebral palsy. It deprives an otherwise absolutely healthy child of the ability to explore the world around them with all their curiosity, to learn through playing, to experience joy of movement, of stepping and stumbling. These kids do not need your money, but they need your love more than anybody else does.”

The STEP TOGETHER foundation helps children with cerebral palsy to get consultations, diagnostics and medical help, promotes implementation of physical rehabilitation systems for children with special needs and supports social adaptation programs. Its goal is to provide maximum integration of children with cerebral palsy into the society, and Gosha Kutsenko’s ultimate dream is to open a network of centers for treatment and rehabilitation of children with locomotor system disorders using cutting-edge technology and offering full rehabilitation programs free of charge.