Немного о футболе
A few words about football

Yesterday Vladimir Pozner show was visited by the head coach of the Russian football team Stanislav Cherchesov. We talked of the world Cup in Russia and the unexpected success of the Russian team. Of the reason why in 2016, on the decline of Russian football (when the Russian team was so low in the FIFA ranking), Stanislav Salamovich had agreed to coach the team? Of the fact that football in Russia is gradually winning the place of sport number one. Before the interview, Posner had introduced his guest, calling him the Man of the year. The journalist explained such a high-profile title simply like this: Cherchesov is worthy of it, such a position perfectly reflects the general mood.

So, this year the Arctic World Club award Committee has officially nominated the head coach of the Russian national football team for the international Arctic Awards! The next annual award ceremony will be held on December 1, 2018 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.


"Our team motto is: "In the field and out of the field the player must match the level". On this basis we recruit those players to the team who deserve it as an athlete, as well as a citizen of the country. We do not play for ourselves, as when one plays for oneself the stands are empty. We have changed the attitude of the players and the selection of players for the team. This is how we have earned the sympathy of the fans", — said Stanislav Salamovich.