Парк «Русская Арктика» получил награду Международной премии Arctic Awards 2018
Russian Arctic park gets the international Arctic Awards 2018 prize

Russian Arctic national park in Arkhangelsk Oblast became the winner of Arctic Awards 2018 international prize in the “Knowledge is Power” nomination. The park was established in 2009 to preserve the Arctic’s unique nature, and it is an important step for the development of environmental, scientific and educational tourism.

Russian Arctic park is the Northernmost and the biggest in size specially protected natural area in Russia. It is located on the Arctic archipelagos of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, on an area of 8.8 million hectares. The park is rightfully called “the edge of the Earth”, for its pristine natural landscapes – glaciers, snowfields and waterfalls – with untouched ecosystems. The biggest colonies of guillemots and eider ducks in the Northern hemisphere can be found here, along with walrus rookeries, polar bears, arctic whales and seals. It also has a number of intact historical monuments of the history of Russian Arctic exploration dating back to the 16th century and associated with the names of famous Russian Arctic explorers Vladimir Rusanov and Georgy Sedov and Dutch navigator William Barentz.