Взвод Северного флота подготовил к утилизации 150 тонн металлолома на острове Котельный
Northern Fleet’s ecologists collect 150 tonnes of scrap metal on Arctic island

The Northern Fleet’s ecology platoon has prepared for further shipment from the Kotelny Island (the New Siberian Islands Archipelago) more than 150 tonnes of scrap metal, the Fleet’s press service reported on Sunday.

"The Northern Fleet’s ecology platoon on the Kotelny Island, the New Siberian Islands Archipelago, has collected, pressed and prepared for shipment to the mainland 154.4 tonnes of scrap metal," the statement reads.

The platoon’s 30 military began working on the island in mid-June. They press about 5-6 tonnes of metal barrels a day. They collect old equipment and other metal, which has remained on the island from the Soviet times.

The Northern Fleet’s ecology platoon began working on the Kotelny Island in 2015. Over the season in 2019, more than 300 tonnes of scrap metal will be shipped to the mainland. Within previous four seasons, the Northern Fleet’s ecologists prepared for further processing more than 3,300 tonnes of scrap metal.

The scrap metal is mostly 200-liter barrels, used to transport fuel. The military press them, thus they take much less space in containers.

The platoon will continue working on the Kotelny Island to September. The collected metal will be transported both by the Northern Fleet and by specially chartered vessels along the Northern Sea Route within the summer navigation.