II этап Кубка России Mitjet: Дмитрий Гвазава подтверждает статус фаворита
II stage of the Mitjet Russian Cup: Dmitry Gwasava confirms his leader status.

The initial stage of the Mitjet Russian Cup took place in Kazan last week. This time, once again, the capital of Tatarstan gladly welcomed pilots arriving to participate in the second stage of the Russian championship at Kazanring Canyon. One must note that the previous race ended really badly for the three cars involved in a terrible accident. Fortunately the pilots were not injured, but mechanics had to rebuild the cars from scratch. To their honor, they tackled the task in record time.   


Despite the slightly damp track, the referee allowed a “dry start”. Wet tarmac gave pilots a hard time, and at the very beginning, Vladimir Charchiyan got his car swung around. Anton Nemkin left the race during fourth lap, having lost control of the car approaching the first turn. Anton hit the most slippery point in breaking zone, and his car hit the guardrail and stopped within the gravel trap.

The strongest struggle was for the third place, with as many as four cars competing for it. Mikhail Makarovsky was very unlucky to lose his car (it got swung round at a climb), who was overtaken by Constantine Gugkaev who ended up with the bronze. The best time was demonstrated by Dmitry Gwasava, who had been constantly leading throughout the whole race. Danila Ivanov was 3 seconds back and finished second.

The second heat had a very compact start. This was also due to a reversed positioning of pilots on the start grid – the leader Gwasava was starting at position 9. Mikhail Makarovsky took the lead from his third position due to his aggressive driving style. It would be ok but for an unfortunate contact of Michael with Dmitry Ugryumov. This contact, according to Makarovsky, “changed the geometry of his car, and turning left became tricky”. 

Dmitry Gwasava managed to return his leader’s position only 5 minutes after the start of the heat. However, the experienced Makarovsky did not attempt a counter-attack in order to keep his slightly damaged car safe. Some time later, the pilot was overtaken by Nikita Hoodov. Heated rivalry also played out in the middle of the peloton: Vladimir Charchiyan lost his car upon entering the “cork-screw” and was flung off the track into a gravel trap. 

During the major part of the race, three pilots: Constantine Gugkayev, Yuri Borisenko and Danila Ivanov were competing for fourth place. In the end, the experienced Borisenko demonstrated his superior skills at the key point of the race, winning the position. Dmitry Gwasava did not have many problems keeping his first place. Nikita Hoodov came second, climbing a PRO category podium for the first time this season, and the third place was taken by Mikhail Makarovsky. 

This was a beautiful and honorable battle. We congratulate the pilots with their deserved prizes and look forward to the next stage, which will happen on August, 5 in Nizhny Novgorod!

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