Матч ТВ: Российская команда Arctic Energy WRT дебютирует в WRC в сезоне 2018 года

On January 5, 2016, the Mitjet 2L series will be the first of all Russian racing series to open the 2016 season. In Sochi, the Autodrome will host the first stage of the Arctic Cup competition, which will consist of 2 races of 20 minutes each.


"Right after the New Year on the track of the Sochi Autodrome will begin training, and on January 5, within the first stage of the Arctic Sprint Cup will qualify and two race runs of 20 minutes plus 1 round. At the moment, we receive applications from pilots of different categories from different disciplines of motor sport, and this is understandable - because in all disciplines there is a break, off-season, simply speaking, a vacation, and Mitjet already drives everything, so many pilots want to take part in our competitions, "commented Boris Shulmeyster, head of the Arctic Energy Racing School, on the forthcoming races.


As is customary in the Mitjet series, the races will be held in two categories - PRO, where professionals and Semi-PRO perform for amateurs.


Spectators who came to Sochi Autodrome on January 5, expect a walk on the grid, where race cars will be built in the starting order, and photoshoots with the pilots. Observe the course of the bright struggle for leadership will be on the big screen set up opposite the spectator stands, and in the break between the races, professional pilots participating in the competitions will be able to ride all comers on the Mitjet 2L combat vehicle on the Formula 1 track.


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