Arctic World Club expands borders, giving people an opportunity to become full-fledged participants in the present and the architects of their future. It’s about being, not about seeming. Building, not surrendering. Living a bright life, breathing by the chestful, meeting each new day with a smile and responding with dignity to challenges life throws at you!

Our club has been around for ten years, and we have managed a lot in this time. We completed charity projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and South America. We support science, because we are well aware of the importance of progressive thought and education. We support art, because it is the only way to a brighter and more beautiful future. We support sports, because they are the basis of a healthy life. We support orphans, because no child in the world deserves living in an orphanage. Our world is focused around humans. Everything we do is about humans, in the name of humans and taking care of humans. Our club members are successful people with an active life philosophy. They see bureaucracy and red tape as challenges, not excuses. They see the impossible as not an end but a beginning of future accomplishments.

Arctic World Club is a house with many addresses. We unite people from all over the world into a single close-knit family. We cooperate with numerous foundations, organizations, science centers – and this cooperation helps us find even greater opportunities for healing the today’s society. Today you can be part of Arctic World Club’s new dramatic projects, and we are happy to see you in. We are also happy to meet everyone who shares our club’s motto: “The impossible is our profession!” and would like to join our ranks.