«Арктик» – двукратный чемпион хоккейного турнира в Праге!
"Arctic" – a two-time champion of the hockey tournament in Prague!

A prestigious international tournament ended in the capital of the Czech Republic. It was not for the first time for "Arctic" to competete in the "Prague’s Barrel": last year our team celebrated the victory. Taking advantage of a two-week pause in the Night Hockey League, our coaching staff decided that the club participation in such a competition would be a good decision.

“This is a great chance to shake up the guys emotionally after a bitter defeat in Russia and strengthen the game connections,” - said team coach Igor Hacey.

"Arctic" easily won their group with a total puck difference of 25:1. In the semifinals our team met with the Prague national team and, despite the support of the stands, local hockey players could not provide adequate resistance - 7:1 in favor of the “polar explorers”. In the final, the "RVS" team from Russia was waiting for us. Even though the first period turned out to be hard, the good skills of our hockey players helped to score six times and win the game.

“I congratulate the guys on the victory. We proved once again that we have every chance to fight for the highest places in the best Russian and international hockey tournaments,” - summed up the captain and founder of the "Arctic" team Sergey Egorov.