«Арктик» уступил в тяжелейшей борьбе
Arctic has lost after a tremendous struggle

As it should be in any true semi-final match, the meeting between HC Arctic and HC Zvezda CVO was full of uncompromising struggle, emotions and beautiful hockey. The team from the Chelyabinsk Region, just like ours, had not lost a single match, and it featured several high-class players. In pursuit of an advantage, the rivals were relentless. Fights happened on every section of the rink – however, at the very beginning of the match, our goalkeeper Mikhail Korchagin (№20) had to demonstrate his skill after an attack by Zvezda. Soon the players of Ravil Yakubov were left in the minority by 2 (!) players, but due to well-coordinated defensive actions of Arctic, the “armymen” could not create a single dangerous episode. After an extremely hard section of the match, it took the moskovites some additional time and efforts to get the puck. Having taken the initiative, our forwards created several sharp episodes at the adversaries’ goal line. The first period ended in a 0:0 draw. During the break, the referees gave small fines to two Arctic players, and for the second time of the match, the moskovites had to defend 3 against 5. The players of Ravil Yakubov further accelerated the tempo of the game – which had already been high – but the puck kept escaping the goal, and in the last minutes of the second period, the “armymen” managed to score twice: 0-3.

In the second period, our hockey players kept trying to deliver at the rival goal, but they got lucky only by the middle of the period: Alexander Zotov (№77) defeated the enemy goalkeeper. Anton Ivanov’s team tried to sit on the lead, but the moscovites delivered another precise hit: Ilya Kolyagin (№31) arrived at the side of the goal and shoved the puck behind the goalkeeper. The remaining 5 minutes were filled with a storm of attacks by Arctic, but the score remained unchanged.

Arctic lost this intense match; however, our players have a chance to redeem themselves to some point in the match for the 3rd place against the well familiar Ice Wolves HC. 



The match takes place tomorrow, May, 9, at 5:30 p.m. Let us support our team!