Прекрасная трасса ADM Raceway приняла четвертый этап Кубка!
A wonderful ADM Raceway took the fourth stage of the Cup!

For the first time the Russian Mitjet series arrived at the raceway in Myachkovo. No one expected the reconstructed ADM Raceway motor-racing track to be so beautiful! This was also confirmed by the bright live TV picture on Match TV channel.

The youngest pilot of the series, Danila Ivanov, was optimistic:


“We successfully eliminated all the problems that arose at the stage in Nizhny Novgorod, now I can race at my own pace on a well-tuned car. With Dima Gvazava, we plan to make the first turn without contact to the maximum extent, it is advisable to go after Dima and not let everyone who starts outside pass and continue to outrace rivals.”


Mikhail Makarovsky, who showed the best time in free practice and ranked second in qualifying, assessed the upcoming races:

“Regarding the races in Nizhny Novgorod, I should note that we did a very good job on this ADM raceway. And we came to the car settings with a fundamentally different philosophy. And on the track day, where the races last for 10 minutes, it is very convenient. We found the set of settings that allow me getting such a speed and a pace on this track. I’d also add that this is my own track, probably at home even the walls help, after all, I took the first steps in motor sport here. (smiles)”

And here are the times in qualifying:

The race started with a light contact between Gugkaev and Nemkin; nevertheless, Konstantin moved to the third position. Danila Ivanov skipped three places at the start, and Andrei Purikhov turned Nikita Khudov around, who missed the qualification due to poor health. Purikhov was forced to finish the race due to serious car damage. Yuri Borisenko was again behind his Lukoil teammates, the fact is that he is not good at low speed tracks, such as Nring and ADM Raceway, but in Kazan and Sochi Borisenko shows better results. In the last minutes, Gugkaev fought very tensely with Ivanov for third place. It was spectacular! But Makarovsky could not overtake Gvazava. Thus, Gvazava became the first in PRO, Makarovsky was the second, and Gugkaev took the third place.


“I was lucky that Mikhail made a mistake somewhere, I saw in the mirrors. That allowed me to increase the distance. I don’t like it so far that I can’t find my pace, it’s very difficult for me to slow down late. I’ll work out the situation and get ready for the second race”, said the championship leader.


Konstantin Gugkaev: “I was under the pressure of Danila Ivanov during the whole race, even I had little contact with him in the first turn. When Mikhail Makarovsky made a mistake, I did not dare to overtake him, because he had an excellent pace anyway, I didn’t even see any options for overtaking.”


In the Semi-PRO category, Danila Ivanov took the first place, Dmitry Ugryumov was in the second place, and Dmitry Kayshev was the third.


In the second race, the reversing starting grid promised a hot race, and so it turned out! The start protocol increased the density of peleton, and Konstantin Gugkaev lost his third position, as well as all points earned in the first race. This happened because of the annoying oversight of a mechanic who broke the rule of a closed park. In the first turn, Kayshev unsuccessfully chose the trajectory and drove into the gravel, but he immediately returned, Anton Nemkin broke through to the second position, but Nikita Khudov, who started the race from pole position, was in the first place. Dmitry Ugryumov was the third, ahead of Yury Borisenko. But in the second minute, Mikhail Makarovsky turned Borisenko around. Nemkin overtook Khudov, and after him, Ivanov repeated the overtaking. Dmitry Gvazava was gradually catching up with leaders, but not everyone believed that he would manage to get close to Nemkin and overtake him. But still it happened, and number 8 Lukoil racer once again became the winner not only of the race, but also of the whole stage. Nemkin finished the race second, and Ivanov third. In the Semi-PRO, Ivanov rose to the first line, Hudov became the second, and Andrey Purikhov rehabilitated after the first race and finished the third.