Российская гоночная серия Mitjet возвращается домой!
Mitjet Series Russia are returning home!

After the F1 drivers on the Sochi Autodrom's asphalt Mitjet Series Russia racers are going to compete for the victory at the Russian Cup.

As part of the fifth stage of the Russian Cup there are going to be test sessions and free practice on Saturday, October 20. And on Sunday, October 21, we will see the qualification and two official races. The duration of the each race is 20 minutes plus 1 lap.

The sole leader of the Russian Cup this year is Dmitry Gvazava, who won the previous four stages on a row. In the 2017 season Ivan Lukashevich won 11 of 12 races, and the only man he lost to was Gvazava. The team of the Abkhaz pilot is seriously determined to break Ivan's record. Nikita Khudov is in the lead in the Semi-PRO category, and Dmitry Ugryumov is only 74 points behind him. In the team standings Lukoil Racing Team and Motor Sharks are fighting for the victory, and the “sharks” have every chance to snatch the championship just in Sochi.

An interesting addition to the fifth stage will be the fact that for the first time a foreigner will appear in the peloton of the Mitjet Russian Cup. The young German racer Louis Henkefend, who has experience of racing on the two-liter Mitjet sport prototype in Europe, is considered to be a rather promising pilot.

The last time a Mitjet race at the Sochi Autodrom was held back in April: Anton Nemkin has won the Winter Cup competition.

The final, sixth stage of the Russian Cup will also be held on the Formula 1 circuit in Sochi on November. Stay tuned!