Россия взяла новую высоту!
Russia has taken a new height!

The history of high-profile victories began in March of this year, when the Apes Crew team won gold in the qualifying stage of the legendary international dance tournament World of Dance in Belgium.

Now, the guys had the honor to represent Russia on the main world dance arena in Los Angeles. There the final battle of the best of the best took place. Note that the qualifying stages of World of Dance took place in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia: more than 50 countries and thousands of dancers. Such a high competition of the participating teams graced the final concert with many unexpected surprises: amazing performances, the most complex choreographic elements, and new dance dynamics. The super final turned out to be incredible for the heat of the fight and entertainment. In addition, just a few minutes separated the audience from the resolution, perhaps, of the main world dance intrigue. Unconditional victory for the Apes Crew team! For the first time in history, “gold” goes to Russia. In the Junior Division nomination, our guys took their dancing Oscar, leaving behind twenty of the strongest teams from different parts of the world. This victory can rightly be called a triple, because Apes Crew won the audience award: the applause of the hall did not cease throughout the performance of the team. Moreover, according to the results of the whole championship, taking into account the performance of all divisions, the Russian team is again in first place with the final score of 97.6 – the highest mark.

“Our team did what couldn't be done, winning the first victory in the history of Russia in the legendary World of Dance Finals. Despite the fairly serious injuries of some guys, everyone and everybody went all out in the dance – and this is real courage. The team showed truly amazing results: from our American trip, we brought two prize podiums of the best dance championships. In truth, we are still not fully aware of everything that happened to us during these 40 days in America. Separately, I would like to thank the sponsor of the team of Arctic Energy for their invaluable help and support,” shared his opinion the choreographer of the team Tokha Andreev.