Яхтенная команда Arctic Energy примет участие в чемпионат мира в классе макси!
Arctic Energy Sailing Team will participate in the Maxi Class World Championship!

Good news came to us from Porto Cervo! Arctic Energy team has passed the procedure of prequalification and is preparing to participate in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup regatta!

Race will be held from 1 to 7 September. Every year at this time the flotilla of modern yachts gathers in the waters of Porto Cervo, again and again challenging the Mediterranean sea.

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup — the largest competition for the fastest single-hull racing boats in the sailing world.

Competitions will be held in five categories: mini-maxi, racing maxi, racing-cruise maxi, supermaxi and Wally.

The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup regatta is honored by many sailing enthusiasts for challenging competitions and a first-class  generous program. The first is dictated by the unique natural landscape of the northeast coast of Sardinia. A secular, rather, a tribute to the venue of the regatta - because it is the most luxurious resort in Italy!