Завершился пятый этап Кубка России Mitjet на «Сочи Автодроме»
The fifth stage of the Mitjet Russian Cup at Sochi Autodrom is over

On October 21, the Russian racing series Mitjet has returned to its home track. The fifth stage had a lot of surprises for the audience, which began already during the morning qualification.

In difficult weather conditions, Danila Ivanov won the pole-position, Yuri Borisenko came second. The permanent leader of the series Dmitry Gvazava finished the qualification in the third position, but in the race had started from the eleventh place. The fact is that in accordance with the technical regulations of the championship, each pilot receives six marked wheels for the entire season. If the driver wants to take an extra tire, then for each new tire he is fined: shifting down five starting positions in the next race. So, Dmitry Gvazava and Anton Nemkin started from the end of the peloton.

Special attention was drawn to the beginner in series, the first foreigner – Louis Hinkefent. Louis, a member of Mitjet Series France and Mitjet Series Germany, despite his young age, has sufficient experience of racing, which the German pilot demonstrated in the first race of the Sochi stage.


The debut of the race was quite hot. Konstantin Gugkaev was forced to step down after two strikes to the rear of the car. Vladimir Charchiyan also had problems with the car, but after arriving on the pit lane, he was able to finish the ninth. The most spectacular fight unfolded for the second place in the standings. Borisenko and Hinkefent had been attacking each other throughout the race, closer to the finish they were joined by Dmitry Gvazava. Dmitry was able to reduce a significant gap from the leaders, and by the last lap, snatched the second place from Louis Hinkefent. Danila Ivanov, starting from pole, was the first to cross the finish line. Perfect start and full control over the situation throughout the race - the youngest of the pilots once again showed its huge potential.



The first part of the second race was quite calm, only Dmitry Gvazava showed his signature aggressive driving style and by the end of the first round joined the fight for leadership with Mikhail Makarovsky.


However, then the illusions inspired by a quiet start no trace was left: the winner of the first race, Danila Ivanov, was on the pit lane. LUKOIL Racing Tim mechanics unsuccessfully tried to eliminate breakage, but soon Danila was forced out of the race. On one of the curves Vladimir Charchian's car turned around, he had lost precious seconds, but still was able to return to the race.


Fight between Yury Borisenko and Anton Nemkin for the third position led to a collision as a result of which Borisenko was forced to quit the race. Later Nemkin faced Dmitry Kaishev, than Konstantin Gugkayev who had reached the third line. Due to a technical malfunction bugging Louis Hankered from the start of the second race, the pilot had lost a lot of time and finished the race in tenth position. In the final part of the race the championship leader had confidently overtaken Mikhail Makarovsky and won unconditionally. The third race was completed by the pilot of the Motor Sharks team Konstantin Gugkaev.


In the Semi-PRO category Nikita Khudov is the best, Vladimir Charchian is in the second position, and Dmitry Ugryumov is in the third stage of the podium.

The next and final stage of the Mitjet Russian Cup will be held on November 3-4 at Sochi Autodrom.