Конструкторское бюро «Айсберг» — лауреат Международной премии Arctic Awards 2018
Iceberg Design Bureau, a laureate of Arctic Awards 2018 international prize

Arctic Awards 2018 international prize in the nomination “For the most promising and innovative Arctic project” goes to the Iceberg Central Design Bureau. The Bureau has developed an improved floating nuclear power unit that can provide energy to several Arctic exploration projects.

Iceberg is Russia’s only bureau specializing in the design of nuclear-powered icebreaker ships. For more than 70 years the bureau has been designing and implementing advanced shipyard technologies. It was this bureau that designed world’s first legendary nuclear-powered Lenin icebreaker of the 1950ies, as well as the most powerful icebreakers of today, the Arctic family. Designing icebreaker ships remains at the focus of the company’s activity to date. In addition to these, Iceberg designs modern icebreaker transport ships, multi-purpose supply icebreakers, multipurpose offshore ships, offshore oil rig support ships, floating technical and general maintenance bases, harbor icebreakers, research and hydrographic vessels.