Белый медведь стал настоящим символом глобального потепления
The polar bear has become a true symbol of global warming

Animals are forced to leave their usual paths and hunting trails due to climate change.

"We assume that climate shifts will lead to changes in the behavior of the polar bear," explains Ivan Mizin, deputy director of the Russian Arctic National Park of Science. - How he will adapt to the new conditions, whether he will live on the shore or leave with the ice and never return, time will tell. The size of the body, the physiological parameters of the body can change.”

According to experts, situations similar to the one that occurred on Novaya Zemlya in March of this year will be repeated, since climate change cannot be stopped. The invasion of 52 polar bears in the settlements of the archipelago has become a symbol of changes in the natural conditions of the Arctic.

In addition to the polar bear, the warming of the climate and the melting of the ice will most negatively affect other inhabitants of the Arctic. Harp seals and walruses will be in trouble. Birds are in danger — hungry white bears have been ravaging bird "markets" for several years now.

Photo of the polar bear is made by an amazing photographer Katrin York.