Фонд дикой природы учредит специальную номинацию премии Arctic Awards
World Wildlife Fund is going to establish a special nomination for Arctic Awards

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - one of the largest independent international conservationist institutions - has announced its proposal to create a special nomination for the Arctic Awards international event. In this nomination, the prestigious award will be given to nominees having made significant contiributions to the creation of wildlife reserves and national parks in the Arctic region.

According to the ambassador of the Arctic Awards 2018, leader of the program for ecological policy of TEC of the World Willdlife Fund Alexey Knizhnikov, arrangement of conservation areas in the northernmost region of the planet means hard work and laborious field research. “By granting a prestigious award in a special nomination, we can support the colossal work conducted by scientists creating nature reserves and parks in the Arctic,” – he noted.      

One must note, that one of the conservation projects – the Russian Arctic national park located in the Arkhangelsk region – has won an Arctic Awards 2018 prize in the nomination “Knowledge is power”. The Russian Arctic park is the northernmost and largest protected conservation area in Russia. It was created in 2009 with the aim to preserve the unique Arctic nature and looks very promising for the development of ecological scientific and educational tourism.