Главный тренер сборной России по футболу Станислав Черчесов стал лауреатом международной премии «Arctic Awards»
The head coach of Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov became the winner of the prestigious international ARCTIC AWARDS

The head coach of Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov was awarded the "Arctic Awards" in a special category "For his invaluable contribution to the development of national football and high sports achievements".


Since on the 1st of December 2018, at the time the official ceremony of awarding the international prize "Arctic Awards" is to be held, Cherchesov will be in Dublin at the draw of the qualifying stage of the European Championship-2020, the organizers decided to award early.

"Our country is grateful to You, your staff and the whole team for the bright game, boundless will to win and astonishing results that you gave to all of us at the home world Championship, bringing to life the slogan "We play for you!"- these words were said by the President of Arctic World Club Sergey Egorov in the Football House, where the award ceremony was held.


"The successful performance of the national team at the world Cup made it possible to change the attitude of society to football. And we will definitely continue to move in this direction", — said in turn Stanislav Cherchesov. "I thank You for the award. It is clear that it is awarded to me, but it is not completely fair, since the success was only possible thanks to our big team. At the next training camp I will pass to the players Your kind words and wishes. Once again, thank you for Your attention and, in turn, we wish Arctic World Club success in the following projects", — concluded Cherchesov.


Let us remind that the Russian national football team at the 2018 World Cup had reached the quarterfinals, which was the best result in the history of our national team at the world championships in the Russian period. According to the voting results, the international football federation of FIFA had inscribed Stanislav Cherchesov in the list of the best coaches in the world.


The international award "Arctic Awards" is traditionally awarded to prominent public figures, representatives of culture, business, sports for their contribution to the development of the Arctic region. This year's awards will be presented in 9 categories. "Achievements in the deployment and development of the Arctic and Antarctica", "For a challenging innovative Arctic project", "Scientific, educational and public awareness activities", "Literature and publishing activities", "Charity", "Ecology", "Cinema and television", "Outstanding sports achievements", "Development of children's and youth sports in the world", a special nomination is provided for the media – "For the best coverage of the Arctic and Antarctica in the media." In the near future there will be announced a short-list of "Arctic Awards". The number of applicants for the prestigious international award includes more than two dozen personalities and organizations from around the world.