«Моя команда!» – «Арктик»: Завоевать первое место здесь, в Москве. И в Сочи – по России!
New edition of “My Team” with our "Arctic" hockey squad!

The heroes of the next edition of “My Team” are regulars of the Moscow Night League, and the team is unique in its own way - after all, Arctic had time to play (and not without success) in all three divisions of the amateur national championship - both in “40+”and League of Hope", with which had traveled to the Final Festival in the spring. This season the polar explorers went to the Dream League with the same task: first place in Moscow and a trip to Sochi.

In the capital, as well as in the whole of the Night League - “Arctic” is absolutely unique. The participant of the first Sochi Finals Festival in 2013 and the bronze medalist of the Champions League IV Festival in 2015. It was “Arctic” that for a number of years repeatedly challenged the invincible at that time “Stalker” - the future winner of the Krutov Cup, the silver and bronze medalist of the Festival. And it is “Arctic”  that is the only Moscow team except for the "сarmine" ones, which won the 40+ medals in Sochi. Then - “champion of Moscow” in the “League of Hope”. And now - one of the favorites of the Dream League. In general, the whole story is written by them before our eyes right now!

About how and thanks to whom this whole amateur hockey club originated; what he lives now and what he is preparing for in the near future - in the story of the “Arctic's” general manager Armen Akopyan and his teammates - Alexander Bug, Kirill Tomilin and Mikhail Korchagin.

Source: Night Hockey League