Подиум шестичасовой гонки Mitjet Endurance не остался без наших ребят!
Our guys are present on the podium of the six-hour Mitjet Endurance race!

Mitjet 2L class endurance race took part at the famous French Magny-Cours track on June, 10. Arctic Energy was represented by our well-familiar pilots, Povilas Yankavichus and Constantine Gugkaev. 

Encyclopedia state that the configuration of the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours track was assembled from various bits of turns of other famous tracks. But it is not quite true. In particular, the Adelaide hairpin, called after the famous Australian urban track, had been shaped as a  double turn. But the resulting track was not very interesting and too difficult for overtakes. In 2003, the final turn and chicane were altered in order to create a zone for overtaking. The track has a very short pit-line entrance and exit, and due to the low timing of pit-stops, teams often go with the strategy of multiple stops (e.g., during the Grand Prix France 2004, Michael Schumacher won with the tactic of four pit-stops). Our team tried to make al their pit stops as late as possible, so that in case of rain or safety-car launch the team could use their stops without wasting actual racing time.  

“We had a rather good start, with constant overtakes in slip-stream, you gain during the turns every time. The track is incredible, every time I come here, I discover something new. Our tactic of the “second pilot” played out well, as we knew that Constantine is more experienced than many rivals. I started, so to speak, with the fast guys, we were all very close together. Me and Costya were extremely tired, but we managed to retain our strength and keep the car on the track till the end of this exhausting six-hour pursuit. Third place is quite a good result for our team. We will move on from that! I must note that I am glad that once again, Mitjet 2L has proven to be very reliable for such long races, six hours is a very good performance”, - said Povilas Yankavichus.

By the way, Yan Erlashe, well-known for his WTCR performance, came to see his old Mitjet racing partners. 

The next race will take place on September, 8 in Le Castello, and this time it is going to be a 4-hour one.