Второй этап Mitjet Winter Cup завершен!
The second stage of Mitjet Winter Cup is over!

A short rain before the first race in the stage left the track wet from turn 8 to turn 16, but that did not stop the pilots, as Saturday’s free races were held in very similar weather conditions.

On paper, Dmitry Gvazava, Anton Nemkin and Konstantin Gugkaev were rightfully considered the leaders of this racing weekend. Karter Danila Ivanov, who showed excellent performance during the training, only came seventh in the qualifications race. Leadership went as expected: Gvazava and Nemkin sprinted ahead, with Konstantin Gugkaev close on their heels until the end, and Nikita Hudov competing with Danila Ivanov. Anna Pryadkina set her car for a wet track after yesterday’s rainy training session, but the Sun came out and the track started drying quickly before the first race. It took Anna a while to get the feel of the road, yet she finished third in her category. Another debutant in the series, Dmitry Ugryumov, was slower than the others, but the coaches liked his stability and lack of mistakes. Stanislav Oblozhin crashed his car, unfortunately. Anton Nemkin was the first in the semi-professionals category, and Nikita Hudov the second. As for the PRO category, Dmitry Gvazava was the winner, followed by Anton Nemkin and Konstantin Gugkaev completed the triumvirate.

The podium positions in PRO category did not change after the second race. Dmitry Gvazava was the absolute winner of this stage, repeating the success of Nikolay Gryazin who won two races in December 2017. In the Semi-PRO category, Anna Pryadkina lost her place to Danila Ivanov, with Nikita Hudov in the second position, and Anton Nemkin topping the podium. Congratulations to the prize winners as we start preparation for the third, final stage of the Winter Cup, which will be held at Sochi Autodrom track on April 7-8.